Fluxbox Menu update

Driven by the huge resonance to our Community Edition Manjaro-Fluxbox 15.10 we have been working hard to improve, tweak and polish this release during the last days.

The right-click menu has been very much improved and the Regenerate menu function now writes entries for added software seamlessly into the pre-configured list. Dmenu-manjaro as a convenient and fast alternative can be accessed with the Super+d keyboard-shortcut.

Lxrandr has been added for screen-configuration and multihead support.

The updated install media are available for Download immediately.

On existing Manjaro-Fluxbox systems the new menu can easily be installed with ‘sudo pacman -S fbmenu-manjaro’.

kind regards Bernhard Landauer, Maintainer Manjaro-Fluxbox

Written on October 15, 2015