Manjaro-i3 released

The Manjaro Community is proud to present our new i3 Edition.

New features and enhancements

  • The new release has become even more resource friendly and boots up with <150MB RAM
  • available with both init systems Systemd or OpenRC, both 64bit and 32bit
  • customization and config now mostly achieved with packages that can easily be updated in the future: i3status-manjaro, dmenu-manjaro (recency- and terminal aware and mouse-interactive)
  • new fancy and lightweight Conky
  • new i3exit-script and i3lock replacing light-locker, added switch-user function, blurlock and Xautolock
  • added preconfigured Hexchat
  • Dunst for notifications
  • Alsa-audio with Volumeicon
  • Xarchiver-gtk2
  • tweaked configuration for urxvt and Compton
  • a bunch of console utilities and AUR-building-tools (base-devel) are included
  • lots of other new little features, tweaks and enhancements in the i3 config

As usual, this release comes with our advanced graphical installer Thus aswell as our CLI-installer. Default kernel is linux318. Stable branch was used to create these install medias.

Please give us feedback and report any issues with this release.

kind regards Bernhard Landauer, Maintainer Manjaro-i3

Written on August 4, 2015