Manjaro Update 2015-05-08 (stable)

We are happy to announce our eighth update for Manjaro 0.8.12.

This time we rebuilt all our kernels and added MMC support to them. This way now you can install Manjaro also on your SD-Cards. Currently with our 0.8.13 dev-build this is already possible. Also we moved to a new initramfs/vmlinuz format. All our kernels are now in correct order in grub menu. Syslinux users have to adopt to this new format.

It took us a little longer to sort out almost all issues we have with kde-apps 15.04.0. Those criticals are solved. Post all others you might find. With it also Calligra, LibreOffice, and other packages got updated.

With Octopi 0.7 we have now followed new features:

  • Major speed fix, which means faster package list building and faster package filtering
  • Re-enabled Pacaur support
  • Setup dialog added to notifier! It’s now possible to “set interval” for package checking
  • New AUR tool button located at toolbar! That means there’s no more fake “Yaourt” or “Pacaur” package groups
  • New tool added: “SysInfo”! Now users can gist their system info to the internet (“gist” package is needed)
  • Package list column sizes are now saved
  • No more horizontal scroll bar in AUR mode

As normal, this update includes also regular Archlinux upstream fixes (Sat May 2 10:15:54 CEST 2015).

Please give us feedback and report any findings with this update.

Kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team

Current supported kernels

  • Linux310 3.10.76
  • Linux312 3.12.41
  • Linux313
  • Linux314 3.14.40
  • Linux316
  • Linux318 3.18.12
  • Linux319 3.19.6
  • Linux40 4.0.1

Package changes

  • community i686: 338 new and 328 removed package(s)
  • community x86_64: 344 new and 334 removed package(s)
  • core i686: 36 new and 36 removed package(s)
  • core x86_64: 36 new and 36 removed package(s)
  • extra i686: 808 new and 810 removed package(s)
  • extra x86_64: 808 new and 810 removed package(s)
  • multilib x86_64: 13 new and 13 removed package(s)

Written on May 8, 2015