Manjaro Update 2015-09-14 (stable)

I’m happy to announce another review cycle for Manjaro 15.09.

It is time for our second release candidate of Manjaro 15.09. Only small adjustments were made. We fixed for example our 4.1 kernel series by backporting overlayfs from 4.2 and Plasma got updated to 5.4.1. Linux316 got updated to such as mesa to 10.6.7 and spl/zfs to 0.6.5. Small changes went into our manjaro-welcome package. Also we ship the usual Archlinux upstream fixes (Mon Sep 14 07:26:01 CEST 2015).

It is always good to check for updated packages, even we don’t notify you about them. As usual people using our testing branch will help us to get snaps over to our stable branch almost smoothly. For notifications on daily bases please take a look at our mailing list.

Please give us feedback and report any findings with this update.

Kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team

Current supported kernels

  • Linux310 3.10.87
  • Linux312 3.12.47
  • Linux313
  • Linux314 3.14.51
  • Linux316
  • Linux318 3.18.21
  • Linux319
  • Linux41 4.1.6
  • Linux42 4.2.0

Package changes

  • community i686: 156 new and 108 removed package(s)
  • community x86_64: 161 new and 113 removed package(s)
  • core i686: 21 new and 20 removed package(s)
  • core x86_64: 21 new and 20 removed package(s)
  • extra i686: 149 new and 148 removed package(s)
  • extra x86_64: 149 new and 148 removed package(s)
  • multilib x86_64: 14 new and 13 removed package(s)

Written on September 14, 2015