Manjaro Community Editions 16.06

Relative to Manjaro’s official 16.06 release, the Manjaro Community is proud to present the first updated Community Editions:
Manjaro-Cinnamon, Manjaro-Deepin and Manjaro-i3 have been continuously tended and cared for over the last few months and are now available for download sporting the very latest versions of their respective desktops, Cinnamon 3.0.5, Deepin 15.2 and i3-gaps 4.12.

Written on June 8, 2016
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Manjaro Linux 16.06 released

We are happy to present Daniella to you, our latest stable release of Manjaro Linux.

The Xfce edition remains our flagship offering and has received the attention it deserves. Few can claim to offer such a polished, integrated and leading-edge Xfce experience. We ship Xfce 4.12 with this release of Manjaro. We mainly focused on polishing the...

Written on June 6, 2016
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Manjaro bspwm 16.05 released

The Manjaro community proudly presents a new release of our Bspwm edition.

The Bspwm edition is one of our lightest, aiming to minimize ram and cpu usage, maximizing performance. It is especially suitable for developers and programmers due to its distraction free enviroment, syntax highlighting and many helpful command line utilities. It is easily usable with both...

Written on May 30, 2016
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Manjaro 16.06 - second release candidate released

We are happy to publish our second release candidate of our upcoming stable release we call Daniella.

Works went into OpenRC, manjaro-tools and our graphical installers. Calamares should now start faster than before and starts now also in Deepin and Gnome. In Thus we fixed some small issues. Pamac got updated to v4.1 and added a progressbar to visualize the...

Written on May 29, 2016
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