Manjaro Update 2015-02-14 (stable)

We are happy to announce our first update for Manjaro 0.8.12.

With this update we added KDE 4.14.5 and KDE Apps 14.12.2. Mesa got updated to 10.4.4 and now supports DirectX 9. Kernel-wise we have 3.10.68, 3.12.37,, 3.14.32,, 3.18.6 and 3.19.0 featuring all BFQ-Scheduler v7r7.

Note: 3.17-series is EOL and will be removed from our repositories soon.


Written on February 14, 2015
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Manjaro 0.8.12 released

We’re happy to announce the 0.8.12 release of Manjaro Linux installation media, including images for the Xfce and KDE4 desktop environments, and our minimal ‘Net’ edition.

Great progress is being made with our new 0.9 series installation media that uses the Calamares installer, along with our new KDE Plasma 5 installation media, but since neither is quite...

Written on February 6, 2015
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Calamares 1.0 released

The Calamares team and Blue Systems are proud to announce the immediate availability of Calamares 1.0.

Calamares is a distribution independent installer framework. The initial idea for Calamares popped up in May 2014, less than a year ago, and out of frustration: many successful independent Linux distributions came with lackluster installers, and all of these...

Written on January 31, 2015
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Manjaro XFCE 0.9.0-pre2 edition released

Another week, another preview of our next stable release 0.9.0. Hopefully we will release Manjaro 0.9.0 by end of February. Next week you can use 0.8.12 as your install media until we have ironed out all issues you may find in this release. This build feels more feature complete and reflects almost the look and feel we...

Written on January 25, 2015
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