The Manjaro Development Team

Core Team

  • Philip Müller Project Leader, Project Management and Coordination, Mirrors Manager, Packager, Developer, Web Developer
  • Roland Singer Founder, Designer, Developer, Web Developer, Packager
  • Guillaume Benoit Server Manager, Developer, Packager
  • Rob McCathie Systems Integrator, Packager
  • Ramon Buldó Developer, Packager
  • Alexandru Ianu Systems Integrator, Packager
  • Łukasz Matysiak Developer
  • Wlad Meixner Web Developer, Web Consultant
  • Mateusz Mikolajczyk Developer
  • Demiray Muhterem Developer, Turkish IRC and web support, Manjaro Artwork
  • Alexandre A. Arnt Developer


  • David Linares (mcder3) Manjaro Artwork: Plasma5 Designer, Theme designer, Installer visual design

OpenRC Team

  • Artoo Packaging, Porting, Infrastructure
  • Aaditya Bagga Documentation, Testing, ISOs

Community and Support

  • AJSlye Maintainer Netrunner Edition
  • Bernhard Landauer (oberon) Maintainer Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 Editions, Packager
  • Chrysostomus Maintainer Bspwm Edition
  • Esclapion Maintainer LXQt Edition
  • eugen-b Community Support
  • excalibur1234 Maintainer Net-Minimal Edition, Community Global Moderator
  • Holmes Maintainer JWM Edition
  • Ringo de Kroon Community Support, IRC Manager
  • shariebeth Community Global Moderator
  • Stefano Capitani (Ste74) Maintainer Gnome, Budgie and Pantheon Editions, Wiki Contributor, Founder Italian Community
  • Strit Torrent Maintainer
  • Tomasz Przybył (FadeMind) Community Support


  • Jonathon Fernyhough Editor of the User Guide 0.8.9-15.12, Community Management
  • Sabras Wiki


  • Carl Duff Community, Documentation and Wiki Management, Scripting and Configuration
  • Cumali Cinnamon and Gnome Editions Maintainer
  • Dan S. Openbox Edition Maintainer
  • dicktater Community Global Moderator
  • Handy Global Moderator, Wiki Contributor, Community Support
  • Jonathan Community Global Moderator
  • Joshua Strot Developer, Graphics Developer
  • Lane Wiscombe (anex) Manjaro Artwork, KDE Team: KDE5 Edition Maintainer, MATE and Openbox Editions Maintainer


The awesome community on our forum and #manjaro IRC channel on Freenode.