Manjaro JWM Edition 15.09-1 released

The Manjaro Community is proud to announce the release of our JWM Edition 15.09-1 (Bellatrix).

JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) is a lightweight stacking window manager for the X Window System written by Joe Wingbermuehle. JWM is written in C and uses only Xlib at a minimum. Configuration is by editing an XML file - no graphical configuration is supplied.

It features our well-known tools and graphical interfaces in a mix of fresh artwork from our community. This release comes with our advanced graphical installer Calamares aswell as our CLI-installer. Stable branch was used to create these install media.


  • Linux Kernel 4.1.10-1
  • JWM 2.3.2-1
  • mhwd 0.5.6-1
  • Manjaro Settings Manager 0.4.12-1
  • 32bit version RAM footprint is now just 107MiB RAM and 64bit 146MiB RAM
  • 32bit version SIZE 779,09MiB and 64bits911,21MiB
  • Pamac 2.4.2-2
  • Compton 0.1_beta2.r82.gd7f95b5-1
  • Conky 1.10.0-5
  • Dmenu 4.5-8
  • Pale Moon 25.7.1-1
  • XChat 2.8.8-15
  • LXMusic 0.4.6-1.1
  • LightDM 1:1.16.3-1
  • i3lock 2.7-1
  • cbatticon 1.5.0-1
  • Sakura 3.3.0-1
  • Medit 1.2.0-1
  • SpaceFM 1.0.3-1
  • Prelink 20130503-5
  • Scripts for AUR, printing, firewall, JDK and multimedia
  • JWM Thin Blue and GTK ME1 Themes
  • Icon Ultra Flat and RezoWhite Mouse Themes
  • Collection Wallpapers Charlie-Henson
  • README Manjaro JWM Edition 15.09


  • Pacli (bash frontend for pacman yaourt) 17515.


  • It is strongly recommended to study the README file Manjaro JWM Edition 15.09 in /home.
  • The Conky comes with temperature of Vitória (ES) city. To change that it is recommended to read item 11 of the README Manjaro JWM Edition 15.09.

regards Holmes, Maintainer Manjaro JWM Edition

Written on October 13, 2015