Manjaro Update 2015-09-23 (stable)

I’m happy to announce another review cycle for Manjaro 15.09.

It is time for our fourth release candidate of Manjaro 15.09. Why another RC? Well, we have to test the new KDE Framework 5.14 and KDE Apps 15.08.1 for our final release first.

Most of our kernels got updated: 3.10.89, 3.14.53, 4.1.8, 4.2.1, 4.3-rc2. We adopted systemd changes and adjusted openrc to match those changes. With manjaro-tools 0.9.13-rc1 we added new features and optimized our live-cd boot speed. Regular security fixes for flashplugin and Chromium are provided by this update. Dbus and Systemd (now at 226) got optimized. Also we ship the usual Archlinux upstream fixes (Tue Sep 22 18:28:03 CEST 2015).

The packages systemd 226-1 plus dbus 1.10.0-3 now launch dbus-daemon once per user. All sessions of a user will share the same D-Bus “session” bus. The pam_systemd module ensures that the right DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is set at login.

This also permits dbus-daemon to defer to systemd for activation instead of spawning server processes itself. However, currently this is not commonly used for session services (as opposed to system services). kdbus will only support this model, so this is also an opportunity to iron out some bugs and make a future transition to kernel buses easier. Please let us know of any issues.

It is always good to check for updated packages, even we don’t notify you about them. As usual people using our testing branch will help us to get snaps over to our stable branch almost smoothly. For notifications on daily bases please take a look at our mailing list.

Please give us feedback and report any findings with this update.

Kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team

Current supported kernels

  • Linux310 3.10.89
  • Linux312 3.12.48
  • Linux313
  • Linux314 3.14.53
  • Linux316
  • Linux318 3.18.21
  • Linux319
  • Linux41 4.1.8
  • Linux42 4.2.1 (not recommended for catalyst)
  • Linux43 4.3-rc2 (not recommended for general usage)

Package changes

  • stable community i686: 39 new and 35 removed package(s)
  • stable community x86_64: 40 new and 36 removed package(s)
  • stable core i686: 19 new and 19 removed package(s)
  • stable core x86_64: 19 new and 19 removed package(s)
  • stable extra i686: 406 new and 408 removed package(s)
  • stable extra x86_64: 408 new and 410 removed package(s)
  • stable multilib x86_64: 3 new and 2 removed package(s)

Written on September 23, 2015