manjaro linux

Fast & stable.

The Linux distribution that is easy to install, stable and always up-to-date.

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Grows with you

Built from the powerful Arch Linux foundation; speed, efficiency and cutting edge software is in its core that is rock solid and stable. Manjaro is designed to welcome a newcomer and grow with the user as he evolves into a power user.

Manjaro in a nutshell

Latest features with stability

You get the latest software, tested by our Manjaro Team & Community before it reaches you.

Easy to setup

Our Hardware detection and preferences tool detects and installs drivers on the fly with just one click.

Software for everyone

Manjaro is loaded with software of every category to suit needs of everyone. All you need is to choose, install and start using.

Choose your workflow

Manjaro comes in many flavors; You have the option to pick the desktop environment / window managers of your choice.

Versatility and Variety is our strength

Manjaro is an efficient companion to serve your variety of needs and it is versatile to adapt to all of your needs. Our user base varies from newbies, students & teachers, programmers & developers, professionals, art enthusiast, music lovers, professional multimedia professionals and many more.