Manjaro Update 2015-08-10 (stable)

We are happy to announce our eighth update for Manjaro 0.8.13.

With this we updated once again Octopi, systemd to v224, menulibre to 2.0.7, LibreOffice to 5.0, our keyring, some of our kernels to the latest point-releases, added linux42 to our kernel family, pushed out some python updates and released mhwd 0.5.6 with some changes to the Intel driver configs.

Written on August 10, 2015
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Manjaro-i3 released

The Manjaro Community is proud to present our new i3 Edition.

New features and enhancements

  • The new release has become even more resource friendly and boots up with <150MB RAM
  • available with both init systems Systemd or OpenRC, both 64bit and 32bit
  • customization and config now mostly achieved with packages that can easily be updated...
    Written on August 4, 2015
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Manjaro Update 2015-08-03 (stable)

We are happy to announce our seventh update for Manjaro 0.8.13.

With this we updated nvidia to 352.30, linux312 to 3.12.45, linux313 to, mesa to 10.6.3, wine to 1.7.48, systemd to v223, os-prober to v1.66, LibreOffice to 4.4.5, some Gnome packages and libraries for python.

Additionally we fixed some issues within manjaro-tools and refreshed our mirrorlist. As regular, this...

Written on August 3, 2015
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Manjaro Update 2015-07-26 (stable)

We are happy to announce our sixth update for Manjaro 0.8.13.

Due a special request by Netrunner-OS we released it on Sunday.

With this we updated most of our kernels (incl. fixing 4.1 for AMD i686), bumped Virtualbox to 5.0, released kodi 15.0, gcc 5.2, pushed out some i3, gnome, mate, openjdk, python updates, fixes to pacman and chromium.


Written on July 26, 2015
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