Manjaro Cinnamon 0.8.13 released

The Manjaro Community is proud to present to you our Cinnamon 2.6 Edition.

New features and enhancements

  • Cinnamon 2.6
    • Latest cinnamon version
  • Desktop freezes
    • On supported hardware Cinnamon now uses a newer “cogl” API. This change is known to prevent some of the causes of desktop freezes I observed in earlier...
      Written on June 27, 2015
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Manjaro Update 2015-06-22 (stable)

We are happy to announce our first update for Manjaro 0.8.13.

One week passed after we released Manjaro 0.8.13 to the public. We had already over 38.900 downloads so far. With almost 23.000 downloads just for or Xfce edition we see that we did a great job on our flagship edition. Still we had over 12.600 downloads for KDE5 so...

Written on June 22, 2015
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Manjaro 0.8.13 released

After four months of development we are happy to present to you Manjaro 0.8.13.

This time we ship XFCE 4.12 tweaked and patched to have the best XFCE experience possible, Plasma 5.3.1, KDE Frameworks 5.10.0 and latest KDE Apps 15.04.1!

New in XFCE

Thunar file manager finally supports tabs and other cool features like inverting the...

Written on June 14, 2015
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Calamares 1.1-RC1 out now

The Calamares team and Blue Systems are proud to announce the immediate availability of Calamares 1.1-RC1.

This is a pre-release product for testers and early adopters, and it brings countless improvements over 1.0. We are declaring it release candidate quality, but testing is crucial in order to deliver an amazing final 1.1 release in a few weeks.


Written on June 10, 2015
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